Sonus Faber Lumina 5 vs Klipsch Forte IV

Don't you hate it when you find multiple speakers you like but they are not all in one store? I heard the Forte IV at one dealer and in another dealer I heard the Sonus Faber Lumina V, both I like but I would love to be able to hear them side by side to see which one really calls to me. Has anyone been fortunate enough to demo these side by side? I hate asking this question because it means I am going on 'your' option and not my own ears, but I am at an impasse and like some advice. Oh, BTW, I am aware of the price difference so let's leave this out for now.

To me. The Klipsch Forte IV are actually more on the warm side of neutral. I've had my ear butt up against the tweeter for s%$#@ and giggles, and I felt no fatigue or any of those negative words 'audiophiles' throw around. The speaker is warm and transparent and open, the mid range is beautiful albeit a little recessed, and the bass does a great job of pounding you in the chest.

The Sonus Faber Lumina V actually in some weird way remind me of the Forte or a horn/compression speaker, albeit it's not, but I am just speaking in broad terms here. They have a non fatiguing forward sound that is way different than their typical sound signature. I think the mid range is probably better than the Fortes, maybe, actually I'm not sure: because I cannot compare them side by side! As I mentioned earlier. The distortion rating on these speakers are way, way better than the Klipsch! You/I can hear it, they just sound confident.

The only negative I can see about the Forte's is that they kill poor recorded music, they shred it apart to the point that I just can't listen to them. The SF on the other hand did a much better job on poor recordings, I know this because when I demoed them I used CD's and LPs and for over one hour they only came across one passage in one song that came across harsh. With the Forte's I streamed what I thought were great recordings and they sounded, eh on a handful of recordings. I can only imagine that if I used CDs on them it would suck; however, I have a feeling that LPs would be pretty great with them.



Hi All,

I have both Klipsch Forte iv's and newly acquired broken-in Zu Audio Soul 6's. Been listening to the Souls for about a week with the same ancillary gear (Ps Audio PWT, Mojo Audio EVO B4B DAC, Don Sachs pre, and First Watt F7.

FWIW, to me with my gear; the Forte iv's sound a bit "thin" compared to the Souls. Maybe this is because the tone is better with the Souls? The Souls definitely are warmer and sweeter than the Forte's.

I am forming the opinion that the soundstage is wider/deeper with the Souls.

I am forming the opinion that the Souls are at least as dynamic as the Forte's.

The Forte's seem better with micro detail, like a lighter touch. Is that transparency, I do not know? I think whatever this is, it helps the Forte's to have a bit more of a "live in the bar" sound.

Lots of listening to do yet!



Nice to hear the Zu are a great speaker    I am firmly entrenched in the low power , high sensitivity camp