Sonus Faber Olympica II Speakers vs. something else?

I visited my retailer recently and asked some questions about my Aurender N10 I purchased from them. During the conversation, they recommended I listen to the Wilson Audio Sabrina speaker as a replacement for the Sonus Faber Olympica II speakers.  I have listened to various Wilson Audio speakers before and did not like the way they sounded.  I have not heard the Sabrina and probably should (maybe).

My friend suggests the PMC twenty .26 speaker (he owns them) is an excellent replacement for my Sonus Faber speakers.  He claims the "PMC speaker does what it supposed to do by faithfully reproducing the input signal regardless of genre of music.   He feels the PMC .26 is very musical and sounds natural".  

While I am not unhappy with my Sonus Faber Olympica II Speakers, it might be interesting to hear the speakers mentioned above, or maybe some other speaker options.  My speakers are in my living room and any new speaker needs to be approximately the same size as my Sonus Faber Olympica II Speakers (41.5” high, 14.5” wide and 17” deep.  Since my wife needs to approve the size, I am trying to keep the same speaker size I already have (approximately).

My system includes the Aurender N10 Music Server, the Bricasti M1 SE DAC and Hypex NCore NC400 Bridged Mono Block class D Power Amplifiers.  I am not using a preamplifier since the Bricasti DAC is going direct to my Hypex NCore power amplifiers.   All connections are using James Romeyn Pure Balanced POWer Fully Balanced Interconnect cables with Cardas Rhodium XLR Connectors.   

Do you have any comments regarding the speakers mentioned above or any suggestions of speakers I should listen to?  Thanks.

Those are awesome speakers. Did you try several amps with them. I wonder if a different amp would improve those speakers quite a bit.  
You owe it to yourself to audition Revel especially the new model using the beryllium tweeter. Kevin Voecks is a genius with tons of money behind him. The cabinets are gorgeous as well. 

I have heard The Olympica II's and the Sabrina in adjacent rooms at a small dealer's show and there was no comparison. Both are lovely speakers and at the price the Sonus Faber are great sounding, but the Sabrinas on the end of ARC amps, which they seem to suit, were quite exceptional, room filling, detailed, very dynamic.

 However and there is always a "however", the price is way outside my pay grade. I would certainly like a pair, but I will wait till they start appearing second hand, perhaps when the Sabrina II, comes out and there is always a II, even 3, with Wilson.

I have found the Olympica-3. Gives a little more of everything vs the Model -2
and gets Bass down to around 30hz  a lot of trickle down  technologies from their flagship line 
of course the $20 k and up Sonus Faber are a little more resolved and may play a little  deeper .that being said  I have a few things in my system that allow me to 
better many speakers even in the $30k range for example  the upper Silnote 
cables Poseidon my-2 and upper mk2 speaker cables - outstanding.
one stand out not even seen the whole system Core  Power Technologies
 1800 by balancing your power cables noise all to ground it takes up to 500 hours 
to fully run in but even 48hours later s a Dramatic improvement  in the 
 music being played. Over the next month you will see several excellent reviews
also their power cords even without the transformers are excellent.
for all your contacts the Worlds best  Stabilant -22 sonicy enhances and last for several a Years not months