Sonus Faber Olympica III vs. Cremona M

Can anyone comment on the differences between the new SF model (Olympica III) and the model it replaced, the Cremona M? I believe I have the evolution stated correctly, if not, please correct me, thank you.
Interesting topic. Hopefully Sonus Faber can chime in.

I heard both in different rooms at different time. Olympica III paired with Mcintosh. Cremona M paired with Manley. I prefer the sound of Cremona M. It also could be the integration between amp and speakers that made it sound better.

I notice they have different types of tweeter and porting. Hope this helps.
I listened to both side by side with the same electronics for a few hours. I preferred The Cremona M.
I've heard both running off of a Mac MC452 w/ a Mac Pre, can't remember which pre. I auditioned it multiple times before I made my decision to go with the Ms. I just felt the Ms were warmner which was what I was looking for.