Sonus Faber Question

I spent (wasted?) a lot of time switching amplifiers in and out of my system, never quite achieving the sound I was chasing. There were a lot of sideways moves. Then I purchased a demo pair of Sonus Faber Sonetto III's. After playing these through my system I finally feel I'm headed in the right direction. This speaker sound signature is the type of sound I've been seeking out. However, I get the feeling these speakers are really just scratching the surface of what Sonus Faber can offer. Unfortunately, I'm not independently wealthy. So the question is what speaker would you recommend as the next appreciable step up to capture more of the Sonus Faber essence / what should I expect to have to pay on the used market to get there? Thanks in advance!  


Current Equipment:

Sonus Faber Sonetto III's

HiFi Rose RS250A

Denafrips Pontus II 12th

Rega P6, Neo PSU w/ Hana low MC

Rega Phono Pre

PrimaLuna Evo 300 Integrated

Kimber Cable Cables, Interconnects, Etc.


I have been trying to hear the Sonus Farber Amati for months now and am getting very frustrated.  No one in my state has a demo pair to listen to and I’ve tried several times to schedule a demo of the Lilium’s ( Because they were close) and several times something happened to prevent the demo!

OP, I have nothing to add to the multiple speaker upgrade suggestions, but yet there is no mention of room treatments. No clue what yours are, if any, as you don't mention it or post pics of your setup. Starting with room treatments is the best way to hear what each piece of equipment is truly capable of. That alone would save you lots of money in equipment swapping attempting to reach your audio nirvana. Start with a solid foundation, just my two cents. 

@baylinor is right. Treat room and you’re in for a treat. First reflection piint is the most important.

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