Sonus Faber Sonetto V’s Thoughts Requested

Hello. While I’ve never posted, I’ve been a very regular lurker here for the last couple of years. The wealth of knowledge here is truly remarkable and much of it is over my head. I really respect the opinion of @Soix , @ghdprentice , and @erik_squires as well as others not named. I also appreciate how they generally go about their posts and replies, while a few others can get petty and combative, which is unfortunate and unhelpful. Overall, it seems like a good bunch that genuinely loves their hobby and likes to help others, which is great. I know, nobody asked, but I thought some of you who have been here a while might find the thoughts of a first time poster, who has been reading this informative forum for a while, somewhat interesting. 

I definitely do not consider myself an audiophile, but I have always greatly appreciated good sound. I currently have an older model Arcam AVR-450, which is rated at 125 per channel in stereo mode, driving a pair of KEF Q750’s. I also have a KEF R2C center and a Revel B110 sub. I’m happy with the sound but have become a bit smitten with the Sonus Faber Sonetto V’s and I’m thinking that they will be a somewhat affordable upgrade in sound, and I find them very visually appealing, which I know shouldn’t matter, so call me shallow. I have not heard the Sonettos, but have heard the Amati’s, which of course is a large step up. I’m ridiculously rural, so finding a dealer for a demo is not much of an option. I do prefer a somewhat warmer sound as opposed to a brighter one. I’m not a bass junky believing that bass should enhance not overwhelm. Bass should be heard of course, but for me, there is more in the mids and highs than the lows that makes for good music to my ears. I generally listen to classic rock like Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Elton John, Winwood, Heart, Doobies, Clapton, etc.

My questions to the group are: 1. Would the Sonetto’s V’s be a noticeable upgrade over my Q750’s in SQ? 2. Is my Arcam “good enough” to drive the Sonetto V’s satisfactorily, as an upgrade to the Arcam is not an option for me anytime soon? 3. Please feel free to answer any questions you think I should have asked. Like I said, I’m not an audiophile…

I thank you in advance for your posts! Hey, how about those cable threads and whatever happen to Kenjit?  😉



@hazeloop I too had Dynaudio. Back in the day the Audience line (82's) was to date the best I have ever heard/owned. Unfortunately, I had to sell them after my divorce. I still miss them...


@dbeckwith I went from Dynaudio Evoke to Revel Performa3 208's to F228Be's (took advantage of their crazy 30% off sale to go to Be line). However, I was perfectly content with my 208's. I would also recommend the Evoke 50's though Dynaudio's are notoriously very power hungry. The reason I went from the Danes to Revel's was my main system is 5.1 as the wife and I are huge movie buffs. So, my system has always done double duty and I found the Evoke center channel lacking whereas the Revel C426Be is as good as it gets for center channels, and it is a true beast! That said I was instantly hooked on Revel's ability to handle everything from Iron Maiden to Clannad and have the ability to rock out, or switch gears instantly and handle the softer stuff with such grace and poise. 


With that background I had always wondered and was drawn to Sonetto. Fortunately, I got a great opportunity on Ebay for a brand-new pair of III's for 2/3 retail, so I jumped. Figured all the positive press couldn't be wrong so I felt safe buying unheard. I had these in a second 2 channel only system being driven by a Bel Canto Ref501S. Magnificent! Not in the class of the Revel's but not at all a fair comparison as they are a bit less than 1/2 the cost. For sure the V's will come closer but still in a lower price bracket. That said I'll give you my thoughts on Sonetto, if you listen to jazz/classical, softer stuff I think you'll absolutely love Sonetto. But as an allrounder (hard rock, tv viewing/movies) I would go Revel. Both are very detailed, airy, but with an edge to Revel in the imaging dept. I would say Sonetto oozes out and draws you in, whereas Revel is just more alive and grabs you. Revel in my opinion (and dumbing it down is the only way I know how as I am not nearly as articulate when it comes to describing the details🤣) brings you into the arena. Not at all brighter by any means, just closer to the live "being there" experience. But quite simply if I had to use one word to describe Sonetto it would be warm. One word for Revel would be alive. Hope that helps but it's the only way I can describe. And at my age (54) and the hard miles on my ears, I cannot do brighter (Paradigm, B&W, Focal were not for me), and I have just found Revel to work in every way for me. In my second system aesthetics were even more critical and Sonetto not only didn't take away from our decor, but they actually added a very classy addition to our room - they are that beautiful. This according to the wife as well. The Revel's are stunning to look at as well (I have the gloss walnut in my theater room), but Sonetto gets the win in the aesthetics dept. ESPECIALLY with grills off. Revel's are much more intimidating looking, beautiful and classy but intimidating looking😂.


I hope this helps, but I'll post my thoughts on the V's (they shipped and are arriving Wednesday). But for me and what I use my system for, I'm sticking with Revel...


Best Regards,


@dbeckwith - the Sonettos just sounded flat to me with no depth. I listened to a lot of the music that I’m intimately familiar with and a ton of a-b testing and kept going back to the Focals. I even brought along a friend who had the same unsolicited opinion. I did listen to the Luminas and actually liked those better than the Sonettos. It’s weird I know and maybe there was something strange with the setup but I tried at two different dealer locations. I know you mentioned that you are rural and I’m not sure what your personal situation is, but I would strongly recommend traveling to a reputable dealer, getting a hotel for a couple of nights and doing some serious listening. How much fun would that be?!?!  At the end of the day with the money you’re going to spend it would be well worth it.

@kingbr - Brian, thank you for your comments and the time you took to convey such a full accounting. I do understand your Revel intimidating comment, especially compared the Sonetto Vs. They are attractive, likely sound terrific, but a bit large and "intimidating". That's a good word for what I feel when looking at my buddy's Salon 2s. 🙂

@hazeloop - Thank you for taking considerable time in sharing your comparison experience. Interesting that you liked the Luminas better. Your trip recommendation is a good one. 

Again, thank you to all who contributed. While it may not have cleared things up for me, perhaps it even did the opposite to some degree, the comments were thoughtful, thought provoking, full of good info, and appreciated. 

I will now go back to my more comfortable lurking posture on this forum. 


Very welcome @dbeckwith. So much great posters and members here and this is always the first place I go to when I need advice/support. Speaks very well to your character that you reply to all comments. I always try to do the same…

By the way my Sonetto’s are Wenge and if you do go that route I’d highly recommend the Wenge finish👌🏻

Best of luck my friend, and remember to enjoy the journey!