Sonus Faber Sonetto V’s Thoughts Requested

Hello. While I’ve never posted, I’ve been a very regular lurker here for the last couple of years. The wealth of knowledge here is truly remarkable and much of it is over my head. I really respect the opinion of @Soix , @ghdprentice , and @erik_squires as well as others not named. I also appreciate how they generally go about their posts and replies, while a few others can get petty and combative, which is unfortunate and unhelpful. Overall, it seems like a good bunch that genuinely loves their hobby and likes to help others, which is great. I know, nobody asked, but I thought some of you who have been here a while might find the thoughts of a first time poster, who has been reading this informative forum for a while, somewhat interesting. 

I definitely do not consider myself an audiophile, but I have always greatly appreciated good sound. I currently have an older model Arcam AVR-450, which is rated at 125 per channel in stereo mode, driving a pair of KEF Q750’s. I also have a KEF R2C center and a Revel B110 sub. I’m happy with the sound but have become a bit smitten with the Sonus Faber Sonetto V’s and I’m thinking that they will be a somewhat affordable upgrade in sound, and I find them very visually appealing, which I know shouldn’t matter, so call me shallow. I have not heard the Sonettos, but have heard the Amati’s, which of course is a large step up. I’m ridiculously rural, so finding a dealer for a demo is not much of an option. I do prefer a somewhat warmer sound as opposed to a brighter one. I’m not a bass junky believing that bass should enhance not overwhelm. Bass should be heard of course, but for me, there is more in the mids and highs than the lows that makes for good music to my ears. I generally listen to classic rock like Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Elton John, Winwood, Heart, Doobies, Clapton, etc.

My questions to the group are: 1. Would the Sonetto’s V’s be a noticeable upgrade over my Q750’s in SQ? 2. Is my Arcam “good enough” to drive the Sonetto V’s satisfactorily, as an upgrade to the Arcam is not an option for me anytime soon? 3. Please feel free to answer any questions you think I should have asked. Like I said, I’m not an audiophile…

I thank you in advance for your posts! Hey, how about those cable threads and whatever happen to Kenjit?  😉



Indeed, looks alone are reason to go with Sonetto👍🏻. Grills off they’re even more classy and elegant looking. Something about that silver ring around those drivers😂! Honestly sometimes I’ll walk by and just stop, sit, and stare and admire them without them even playing. I really do. Still waiting on my C I and pair of I’s but at least the V’s are in business…

Give them at least a few days at low volume to break in. I always listen when first connected and then play them at low volume for 4-5 hrs a day  for a couple weeks before my critical listen and damn what a difference! I’m a true believer in break in time…

All the best DB, enjoy the piss out of em-you can’t not man👌🏻👍🏻😊!



Not familiar with those specific KEF and Sonus Faber models, but I do currently own other KEFs and SFs. Both are very fine product lines but no doubt they tend to have different "house sounds" . I think it will come down to personal preference more than any meaningful conclusion that one is better than the other. KEF focuses on outstanding performance and value. Sonus Faber focuses on "musicality" and craftmanship and is pretty universally acknowledged for that. YMMV. Good news is hard to go wrong with either line. Revel approach and resulting sound is more towards KEF than SF. Another very fine and distinct line of products!  Three of my popular favorites these days.

@kingbr  The grills will definitely be off when I am home and listening. For many, looks may not matter, as it's all about the sound. For me, and it seems you too, looks matter as well. Of course, like pretty much everything in this endeavor, it is subjective. I personally don't care how good a speaker sounds if it has a high fugly factor. Sure seems to me that there are enough brands out there for someone to find a pleasurable sound and visual experience. Thanks for the break in tips and again for your posts.


@mapman Thanks for your 2 pennies and the info. Hearing from someone who has both brands is helpful. I feel fairly confident that the Sonetto V's will be both a pleasure to look at and to listen to.

I have said the EXACT same thing. I don't care how amazing a particular speaker may sound, if it looks like an alien or a UFO, I'm not buying it. I find all the high-end speaker manufacturers after about their mid-level lines they start getting creepier and creepier looking. Not that I could even afford to go there, but I wouldn't because of looks alone😂! 

You will never regret going with the V's. You truly cannot go wrong in any direction mentioned above. But once again on just looks alone V's hit it out of the park. And in this case they have the sound to match👌!

Let us know what you think once you get em broken in DB


All the best...