Sonus Faber surprise

After years with my current speakers (gallo nucleus reference 3) I decided to try something different. Didn't really have a chance to audition a bunch of speakers nor the budget to go crazy. I've always thought that Sonus Faber sounded like something I would like so I found an old but maybe never used pair of Concerto homes. They came with the proper stands for these speakers. So I get them all set up and was really surprised to find they are substantially brighter and more energetic than my old gallos. They make a surprising amount of bass for there size but mids and highs are much brighter than I was expecting. They are not irritating in any way but not what I was expecting.  I'm still working on placement but I'm not sure what to think. Does this sound familiar to you other SF users? Any suggestions on something I can try?


SF's are wonderful sounding speakers. As tomic601 said they are a bit warm sounding but all in all, a sweet listen. Get some more hours on them and work with placement. They should come around.

Old tshirt,..cut 1.5 inch squares, gorilla tape, on grill fabric, right in front of tweeter,........   if still molar grinding, add another square of tshirt.


   It works so good, I should charge for this info!!


  Had a pair of the BIC Venturi dv84,  the highs were almost searing like the old 1991 corner horns.  Took me 2 1.5 inch cotton squares, and I was in heaven, the soundstage, was amazing! Depth, of vocals, was also perfect!


 Small things will really help.  
I could have used a single cotton shirt square, but as we all's the tweeter, and the highs, which give the soundstage, open airy, imaging, goosebump stuff!!


   I now use a speaker which is crossed at 600hz, or kHz,.....whatever, the highs are subdued by the crossover, and I can listen for hours, days, pass out, sleep to music playing through my stereo. NO Sss Symbalysm, no harsh cymbals, etc etc



    Tweak and enjoy. 

sonus Faber are a top 5 speaker co pant! Regardless of price. 

 Years ago, with my lil person, visited a shop, played a pair of sonus, with MAC, amplification, and a music something CD player,......was such a soft relaxing sound, my lil one was sawing logs after 6 min, I was counting sheep after 10 min myself. 

 If I was a Richie Ritch, yup, I would have drove it all home, ex pet the CD player. 

 BUT, I'm so happy with my....




shi*.    Enjoy. Too much yapping n




Have some fun with it and learn something in the process by conducting my Imbalanced System Test. Only run 1 speaker for 100 hours as though breaking it in again. Then, play them both. Suppposedly because the one is not broken in the sound should be off, skewed, unlistenable due to artifacts that differ between them. The center image should become shifted, the tonal balance not even, etc. It should be immediately obvious that something is wrong, not a "I thnk I hear something that is different," situation. If break in is a significant phenomenon there should be differences in tonality, dynamics, resolution, etc. - you know, the typical "huge" or "big" change that people claim happens.

Supposedly cables need to be broken in, too. So, you will be testing both purported break in of speakers and cables at the same time! Bonus, double test! 

What you will find, imo, is that there will be no skewing, no divergence between the performance of the two speakers. Switch the speakers from R to L. Are major issues, problems moving across the sourndstage with the movement of the speakers? Is it like throwing a blanket over one speaker, or does it sound like before? I suspect you won't hear performance variances between them. Then you will have learned firsthand that the entire break in misnomer is a waste of time and that you should just play your gear. You will also learn how arrogant people are to think their hearing is more consistent than electronics. i.e. thinking that the sound changes over time and they can hear it. 

You will have poroven to yourself how much nonsense there is in the audiophile community. I will not have cost you anything but a bit of time and effort.  :) 

brighter than I was expecting. They are not irritating in any way but not what I was expecting. I'm still working on placement but I'm not sure what to think. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is something Ive learned , ~~~experienced~~~ which has never ever been posted here on Audiogon past 20 yrs.. One speaker will ALWAYS expose weakness in another speaker. OK SF's exposed the Gallo's. Now when you hear another speaker superior to the SF's, then you will understand what it is about the SF's that grate on your nerves. I've found my ultimate,,but do want o hear Cube Neuphar,, as reference to what I have. Hope that helps.
Older Sonus are frequently characterized as warm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh how I hate warm speakers,, MY DavidLouis are just on the edge of being warm,, Thank goodness they did not cross that line to muddyiness. = warm