Sonus Faber surprise

After years with my current speakers (gallo nucleus reference 3) I decided to try something different. Didn't really have a chance to audition a bunch of speakers nor the budget to go crazy. I've always thought that Sonus Faber sounded like something I would like so I found an old but maybe never used pair of Concerto homes. They came with the proper stands for these speakers. So I get them all set up and was really surprised to find they are substantially brighter and more energetic than my old gallos. They make a surprising amount of bass for there size but mids and highs are much brighter than I was expecting. They are not irritating in any way but not what I was expecting.  I'm still working on placement but I'm not sure what to think. Does this sound familiar to you other SF users? Any suggestions on something I can try?


I am not as knowledgeable as most of you about audio and acoustics. I honestly believe that what I was hearing was the difference between what I had become use to and a new more airy and transparent sound. These SF speakers just keep sounding better and better to me and really think I am just getting acquainted with their sound. I am so happy I picked these up now. 

emiliop, yes, of course you are getting adjsted to their sound. Speakers do not appreciably change their sound with use. We adapt to their performance. As you get used ot their sound the acoustic memory of the other will fade and you will increasingly appreciate the newfound resolution. The situation is typical, and everyday thing. 

I hope you're even more happy the longer you own them and with the right amplification they should be a lot of fun. I've also found SF overall to be less fatiguing and more musical, (sometimes at the minor expense in other areas).

I could easily see myself owning one of their models if wasn't happy with my older used Raidhos. I do enjoy the clarity and finesse of the D2s a lot.  Have fun!

I would add, on a separate topic, that I purchased brand new Scansonic MB2.5 floorstanding speakers (which forced the used Raidho purchase later).

I disagree 100% with the fact that break-in of a loudspeaker is a myth. The small MB2.5 woofers needed the mechanical break-in, and over hundreds of hours they lost their orginal leanness, sounding much better. But if it's not hearable to others; that's fine too.