Sonus Faber V's Sonus Faber

What would you chose, if the price was identical between a shop demo pair of S F Guarneri's with a REL Sub and a pair of new S F Cremona's (no Sub) ?

What would be your deciding factor ?
A whole lotta Pure Class A Solid state power for the Extremas and you'll be in beezzzzzzness.

Have a Happy Thanks Giving Day everyone.

If you have a chance to compare side by side the following: Extrema, Amati, and Dynaudio Confidence 5, you will know why I vouch for Amati and sold the Extrema.

Dyn C5 with Esotar tweeter/mid has significantly more micro dynamic than Extrema, more details, even faster bass, and flat tonal balance from top to bottom. On top, Extrema has severe upper mid recess which gives it a polite and pleasing character that Amati does not have. It was Bobby from Merlin who pointed this out to me and I eventually could not live with the "flaw". Amati is significantly more difficult to setup correctly since it's less forgiving, so don't judge the Amati by one listening session. I have owned Amati and Extrema for 5+ years, I am speaking from experience.

You are entitled to your opinion of course, but I am sharing my experience with others who have an open mind.

In fact, I like Cremona better than Extrema overall so I bought a pair as well.
The two top speakers that Sonus Faber ever designed are the Extremas and Stradivarius period. To say the Cremona model is better than Extrema , you must be deaf. I say no more.
I have to agree with Mfslgoldcd here, its simply LUDICROUS to even compare the cremona to the extrema. Sorry, Semi
Then Mfslgoldcd is declaring solid state is the best sounding amp on earth because Extrema can't be driven with tubes and without tubes there is no music. I rather live with Cremona with tubes than Extrema with any solid state amp.

That goes to show your musical taste.