Sonus Faber V's Sonus Faber

What would you chose, if the price was identical between a shop demo pair of S F Guarneri's with a REL Sub and a pair of new S F Cremona's (no Sub) ?

What would be your deciding factor ?
Hey guys chill out this no best ever contest.
The Sonus Faber lines keep bringing new series so we expect the new Amati Anniversario and the new Guarneri and the which is best maybe change (maybe not).
All the above Sonus speakers are very good anyway IMHO.
I had a chance to talk personally with Mr. Serblin at hifi show about his designes... And you do not want to know what he thinks about(in your opinion the best Sonus) Extrema's... But, you would say to him directly that he is deaf! Extrema were excellent speaker in 1992 but, in 2005?
What about progress?? I like Stradivari Homage and new Amati Anniversario very much but, I finally choose Anniversario's. Then, I must be deaf also?
And this thread was about choice between Guarneri Homage and Cremona...
Semi, BTW-Anniversario's are amazing!
The guy who started the thread bought the Cremonas, so in a way, the 'market' was spoken. I had both in my home at one time and chose the Guarneris. Different strokes for different folks....
This forum is about opinions and views from fellow audio enthusiasts and I think we should keep this in mind when we participate in any discussion on any topic at all. I think we should refrain from using any harsh language which will not do any good to anybody. Disagreements in views will happen for sure but they can be done in a friendly manner.
This thread is about Cremona and Guarneri but it seems to have been diverted elsewhere.

Come on guys lighten up, the main question was for your opinions of Gaurneri and Cremona driven with 30 watt vale amplifiers, in a small room.

There was no way that I would be willing to (or afford to) purchase Amati or anything similar.

The dealer has a pair of Extrema’s with stands, however I was aware that high current “Class A” style amps would be required and I had been down the Krell route previously, whilst I enjoyed the Krell way, I have returned to valves.