Sonus Faber vs B&W

Has anone heard the SF Grand Piano and B&W Nautilus 805 speakers on the same rig? What do you think?
I bought the new GP "Home" (terrible name isn't it!)and had them shipped from Italy to my office. They are drop dead gorgeous (i bought walnut). They are slightly larger than the old ones (only slightly). I was in love with the old ones, however, bass response was lacking. The new ones do make up for that a bit. I originally drove them with a Conrad Johnson integrated tube amp (cav-50) which was a marvelous little amp. I would hardly call the GP "power hungry" as someone suggested. The cav-50 slipped only while driving the most demanding of music. I did upgrade to the CJ premier 11A which creates a mind numbing clarity, richness, depth, and soundstaging. Combined with my No.39 Levinson CD (I am digital only)I am in ecstasy. I have stopped shopping the high end stores altogether now because I need nothing. I found the Fabers to be more realistic than the B&W's with regard to tonality (but...for what it is worth....i am a tube only guy). Demo the GP's if you can to be certain that they work for you. My friends now say that "if we want to listen to CD's....I'm going over to mfgrep's place" (vinyl snobs...all of 'em! :) lol
Gthirteen, I bounced back and forth a lot, before making the decision. I was also auditioning against Pro-Ac and Acoustic Energy in different stores. I listen to An Amazing mix of music from Jazz to Electronica, Classical to HipHop, and for me, the Concertos made my favorite music sound TOTALLY different than I had ever heard it before. Might have just been a different voicing from the b and w's but it was nice for a change. Sax and vocals and pianos are incredible on them. Let us know what you decided. BTW, if you like floorstanders (I had to by monitors due to kids), try the PROACS they are definitely up there too!
There's a chain store Sound Advice in Florida that sells all B&W. I 've seen some unbelievable deals at certain times of the year. Since they are a chain the sales people aren't the most knowledgeable. They do allow you to keep a product for 30 days and return it for no questions asked.