Sony CDP-XA7ES vs CEC TL-1 transport

I'm using CEC TL-1 transport for about a year but get tired of it's inability to read all types of CDs. So I'm looking for a replacement. Something not very expensive - about 1000-1500 USD. The first candidate is Sony CDP-XA7ES. Any thought about this unit?
You CEC is now over 10 years old, and a very nice transport, it could be the laser is getting tired.
The laser is cheap, and if your handy, easy to change.
The TL-1 uses a Sanyo SF-90 laser, very cheap, I would change it first for this small outlay.

Cheers George
I will try to replace the laser but according to the previous owner the full inspection was done about a year ago... Right now this CEC somitime doesn't ready even original CD. Not talking about disks produced for local Russian market or CD-Rs...
One more thing - I want to replace CEC with a front loading transport. Because after buying a vinyl player there is not much space for a top loading device...
Finally got a replacement - Esoteric P2s.  Absolutely different transports - cec seems to be more detailed but esoteric has better bass...
After a week with Esoteric decided to return it back. Still searching for an equal replacement for CEC)