Sony DVP-9000es Audio ATT enuation

I know there aren't as many of these around anymore, but has anyone with a Sony DVP-9000es tried using the Audio attenuation feature?

I had purchased my unit new, so I have had it for quite a few years.....

Some overcooked CD's seemed to crackle/distort at high outputs. I was never 100% sure if it was just the CD or if the player was putting out too much for my preamp.

I finally looked at the manual and realized there is an Audio Attenuation feature.

It is making such a difference to the SACD/CD sound in my system.

I haven't checked a lot of discs to see if it is reducing the clipping because I have been caught A/B'ing a few discs due to quite a difference in the presentation.

With the audio attenuated, sound is much more relaxed. Clearer highs and more natural voices/timbers. The standard output is a bit more aggressive and forward and seems to have better timing/drive....though a definitely less overall feeling of being there.

If you own a 9000es though, you have to listen to the differences it makes. Almost akin to Triode vs. Tetrode.

Have fun!
Interesting. How are you accessing this command? Do you have the player hooked up to a TV screen? Like you, I've had the player since new and haven't futzed with anything since I set it up initially; without a TV, IIRC. There seems to be no access to the menus on the front panel screen..
Yeah, it does need to be hooked up to a tv to display the menu and options.

I wish there was a way to switch in some cases I like the more forward presentation that comes with the standard output.

Need to press display on remote.

move up one to "setup".

(Audio ATT is on top)

Move right.

Adjust up/down for on/off.