Sony HAP-Z1ES Hi-Res Music Player RMAF 2013

Did anyone get a chance to hear this digital player. Seems similar to the Bryston BDP-2. I am very interested in how the upsampled DSD sounded.
After a quick look at the documentation on the HAP-Z1ES support page, the key takeaway for me (and it's not a positive!) is the realization of the extent to which Sony's implementation of an everything-in-one-box solution severely limits the software capabilities that are available to organize and manage one's music collection. As a Windows PC user, I currently use the JRiver software for managing my digital music collection. JRiver is a very robust software application. Were I to move to an HAP-Z1ES, software like JRiver appears to be totally out the window in favor of Sony's much more clunky Music Transfer and HDD Audio Remote software apps. Or am I missing something here?
I have seen pics of the inside of the Sony and it is going to be easy to do some serious mods on the player. Most importantly, I can remove all the output stages (op amp based) and replace them with my discrete fet I-V stages. Other mods can be done to the power supplies and clocking. The output stages are ready to install now. I would say around $500 for balanced output stages and a few other simple mods. Cannot wait to mod one. Should be killer modded.
I will say it again, the Marantz requires a computer to run it which presumably will be Jriver or something else. I currently have a tricked out fanless PC with RME soundcard and all the goodies, but honestly dealing with a PC just plain sucks. It is windows based, constantly is updating the OS and is hampered by all the regular windows problems. So when I see the Marantz, all I see is a DAC.

The Sony is a lot more than just a DAC. It seems like the ultimate, meaning storage and playback in one device and it happens to include a supposed great DAC. It would be nice to have a digital output, but I think that is what Sony is really trying to sell, a great DAC with playback and storage.

I cant wait for either the mods to start coming or a reference version direct from Sony.
JRiver is not a computer. JRiver is a software application. Rather than say that the Marantz requires a computer to run, I think it would be more accurate to say that the Marantz needs to be connected to some other device (for example, Network Attached Storage) that stores and/or streams the digital music files that the Marantz is designed to play. Playback can be controlled with the Marantz remote app for iOS or Android devices. Computer-based software like JRiver is not necessarily required.

PS. I wrote in an earlier post that I didn't think the Marantz supports gapless playback. I was wrong. It does support gapless playback with WAV or FLAC files.