Sony HAP-Z1ES Hi-Res Music Player RMAF 2013

Did anyone get a chance to hear this digital player. Seems similar to the Bryston BDP-2. I am very interested in how the upsampled DSD sounded.
Steve - No digital output, but fortunately it sounds very good as is and since its an all-in-one solution its very convenient. Not up to the standards of your equipment but in the past I've used a linear power supply with a Squeezebox Touch/Monarchy Audio DIP/Metrum Octave DAC with good results.

We don't want to start a debate, remember? Please just keep your arrogant dismissal of digital sound quality out of these threads. You're just making yourself sound like a blowhard. The time when vinyl blew digital out of the water is past and discussion of the sound quality of digital gear is entirely legitimate and needs no qualifiers regarding turntable sound.

You can post all you want about the glories of turntables on the Analog forum.
Why does Steve get to run free ads (his posts) for his products in these discussion posts all the time?
Mr Bill - because I have helped a LOT of people find solutions and audio nirvana. Just read all of the threads. My products are top-tier and they don't cost an arm and a leg because I don't advertise, I don't sell through dealers and I don't have a marketing staff. I'm just one passionate audiophile.

I even recommend other companies products. Find another manufacturer that does that. Good luck.

Steve N.
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