Sony HAP Z1ES---How to add Tidal streaming?

I've simplified my system so that my Sony HAP Z1ES is my only source. It has built in Spotify and Tune-in.  The Sony has only one USB input, which I use for an outboard SSD 2TB drive. In my other systems I have access to Tidal.   

How can I listen to Tidal on the Sony? Do you know of a Tidal 'tuner' add on hardware/software which would enable the HAP Z1ES to play Tidal?  

(FWIW, Sony HAP Z1ES, Pass Labs XP 20, Pass Labs XA100.5, Consensus Audio Engineering Conspiracy speakers, CMFC speaker cables, HiDiamond cables, custom rack.)
You can't add Tidal.  Sony is way behind the times.  We need a new Firmware.
If you added a powered usb hub you might be able to make it work if.......

You have the Tidal app on your phone or tablet AND the Sony would accept the signal from that device over the usb connection.

You could try just plugging into the Sony USB port for a test.
I Only suggested a powered hub so if it works you can have your ssd and phone or tablet connected at same time.

Worth a try imho.
Problem is all the software needs to be on the Sony hard drive or built into the firmware. Sony runs on the Linux platform. You may need to call Sony Tech Support to be sure.