Sony Playstation 1 for a CD player ???

I'm using a sony playstation 1 for a cd player and it is a REAL SHOCKER!! I heard about how good it was over on Is anyone else using these as cd players too?
these things are going like hotcakes here on the 'gon. i've seen 3 up and 3 down within the last 2 weeks (myself included). should get mine monday. looking forward to it. Rhing I'll hit you up if i want to take it to 11.
Posted this yesterday, still no show. Just wanted to note that there are remote controllers for PS1's. I found one on fleabay for ~$5
i've had one for years and all i can say is i dare anyone come up with anything that sounds as good for less than 2grand.
I have been using the Playstation 1 periodically in my system with fine results. However, when I put my Modwright 9100 back in the system the magic returns. PS1 is very good & for the money & it is a no brainer. If you don't want to spend thousands on a cdp the PS1 is a good choice.
hi coffee2:

i own three of them and will probably sell two or three. if you don't use an aftermarket power cord, it is a mediocre cd player.