SOny PS-FL5 any good

A friend is offering me a SOny turntable PS-FL5, Weird contraption...fully automatic with a sliding drawer that the platter sits on. Any opinions out there in Agon land? Not much info on the web...The thing looks complicated. Should I avoid it like the plague or jump on it like a junebug?

thanks in advance for any advice.
From what I can find, the PS-FL5 was part of Sony's upscale Esprit line of components. It was probably part of what would now be considered a compact, "lifestyle" system. It's definitely not junk. It looks to be well built with a decent tonearm and drive system. The sliding drawer worries me in terms of providing a solid, isolated platform but other than that...if it's free, and you don't currently have a turntable, why not take it? Mount a $99 Ortofon 2M Red and see what she can do. I'll bet the unit is at least as good as some of the entry level stuff out there now.
Late response, but I still have my PS-FL5 with a Grado cartridge. Sounds pretty good and convenient since I can place it in my rack or stack of gear.