Sony SACD 555 ES Need Help with Shuffle Command

I recently bought a used Sony SACD Multichannel 555 ES 5 disk changer. It did not come with the remote comtrol, or the owner's manual. I Need Help with Shuffle control of all things. The little shuffle light is lit, and it shuffles tracks as it plays. from any of the 5 disk pods. Other than that, it works fine. How can I turn shuffle off?!! I have tried pressing shuffle, which does nothing. I cannot select tracks with shuffle on. Shuffle is stuck on for my one SACD hybrid disc as well.

Is the remote mandatory to turn this shuffle thing off? That seems strange. I only have the regular 2 channel audio outs connected to my stereo. I intend to only listen to 2 channel audio, no multichannel, no DAC, no shuffle, etc. Can shuffle be disconnected completely?
Just hit the continue button on the unit and you will go back to normal operation.
I have this unit, but I don't see a "continue" button on it.
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The continue button is the first button on the bottom row to the right of the power button.

Here is the link to the manual.