Sony SACD Monsters: Already Obsolete?

I am wondering if their massive SACD-1 and 333 players will be discontinued or reduced now that you can buy the well reviewed DVD/SACD combo for only $1500. Does anyone have any experience with either of these machines? I am willing to pay a bit of a premium for build quality, durability etc but could they really sound that much better? Are there any bargains out there yet?
Sony recently introduced an SACD only model here in the UK which retails around $600 and has many of the attributes of the more expensive models (if not the finish and filtering) and sounded quite good. I have not yet experienced the combined SACD/DVD player, but I'm sure a lot of the positive aspects of the more expensive models have "trickled down" into the cheaper models to our listening benefit. Regards, Richard.
CW, I believe you will find that the SCD-1, as well as the 777, are already discontinued. There is a thread at the Audio Asylum that highlighted current and future plans based on some press releases.
To answer Joyfulsound, I don't think that there is one that exists. Could be wrong, but I haven't seen one yet.
Joyfulsound--Massvm is correct. The Sony 9000ES plays SACD and DVD-Video (such as the Classic and Chesky 24/96 DADs), but will not play DVD-A discs. Still too early in the format competition for Sony to admit DVD-A exists! CW, there are a lot of posts saying the new Sonys are and are not better sounding than the earlier units; my view is that as Sony always builds to price points, the flagships were built to higher standards to show what the medium is capable of, now they're going for the mass market, compromising where they have to in order to make their profit. While the difference in sound may be debatable, the build quality of the more expensive units isn't. The 777 I bought is very well made, sounds competitive in its stock form with units in its original $3500 price range, and also makes a decent transport if you find its sound a little too polite for your tastes. At the deep discounts people are selling them for, I'd say they're an attractive option.

The SCD-1 has not been discontinued as far as the current press releases are concerned. According to the dealers, the 777 has indeed been discontinued.