Sony SACD Monsters: Already Obsolete?

I am wondering if their massive SACD-1 and 333 players will be discontinued or reduced now that you can buy the well reviewed DVD/SACD combo for only $1500. Does anyone have any experience with either of these machines? I am willing to pay a bit of a premium for build quality, durability etc but could they really sound that much better? Are there any bargains out there yet?
ok, lets clear some things up. first of all, the scd-1, 777es, and marantz sa-1 have all been discontinued and what is remaining in the field is it. the drop in price was sony's way of saying "we know you'll like this format so we are going to drop the price so more people can experience it." inventory correction had nothing to do with it cause every mail order company that had them sold out in a day and some even had waiting lists (save a few companies who always overcharge). at one point the 777 was available for 1500 but after discontinuation they were hard to find for that and then the ones you did find were $2500+. as for the combom sacd/dvd player, it only plays dvd-videos and chesky dad's. no dvd-audio cds will work with it. the units all use very different transports as well. the 777/scd-1 and sa-1 all use the sony top of the line transport, whereas the 9000es uses a different unit. the one in the the 777/scd-1 will be the same one used in the krell, classe, etc. it is already being used in the $28,000 accuphase. as for being obsolete, i think the term you are looking for is "legend" or "classic." these two units (especially the 777) will definitely be remebered and possibly hold their value very well for some time to come.
in response to the pioneer unit, while it seems great that it does it all, this unit downsamples dsd (sacd) to pcm, so basically all the advantages of sacd are thrown right out the window. it will still sound better than regular cd but even the cheapest model sacd player you can find will beat it in sacd performance.
Adhesiv, if you're still sticking around, I have a question for you. You seem to have some knowledge on the current info. Concerning the Pioneer SACD/DVD-A, why even bother having an SACD player at all? Is the PCM just for digital out? It doesn't make sense Pioneer would produce an SACD player and not provide analog output from the DSD bitstream. I would liken it to using a telephone to transmit Morse Code.
I just got a Sony 777ES! Holy CRAP! As soon as i hooked this 60lb monster up the sound difference was SO obvious it made the hairs on my arm stand up. This is a regular red book cd. the SACD is a whole 'nother story. I got mine used for 1,500 (oade was selling them new for that price not too long ago but are all out). I was a sony snob (hated the company for various reasons) but now i dont know what to think. This player is unbelievable! I played a cd for a non audiophile on it and she said 'wow, you can hear more of the music.' exactly.

I think adhesiv is right, this is destined to be a classic. i'm sure the sacd players that replace this model wont have the build quality near the 777es. seems like sony went overboard as a statement to the new format. once it catches on (if ever) the players will cost $150 and weigh 6 pounds like most cd players today. read reviews at if you're thinking of one. some good comments, better than i can provide. but still...holy CRAP!
You guys, knock it off. Soon you will find the scd-1 and 777es prives go up and my tax return is coming any day now. At least can you hold on for couple of weeks? Seriously, with rave reviews on this post, stereophile A+ rating and all, even my stubborn attitude to not upgrade is being swayed!