Sony SCD-1:Is it time to tweak or upgrade to new?

Other then the ridiculously long time it takes for my SCD-1 to determine what kind of disk is inserted(not to mention the occasional refusal to read a particular disk at all)I am quite satisfied with it's performance. I was just wondering if anybody thought the technology has advanced enough to warrant 'upgrading' to the current generation. Perhaps the new Esoteric or Krell. Also are any of the tweaks for the SCD-1 of the do-it-yourself variety? I'm a bit possessive over my gear.
Jadem6, at $10k it's competition would be Meitner's SACD DAC. Read the following RE: PFO's David Robinson (Mr. "I don't Drive Stock") who switched from a hot-rodded SCD-1 to the stock Meitner.
Kern has new tricks up his sleeve, which he, at least, feels put him solidly in the Meitner ballpark. Maybe it's just one new trick, the transformer mod.
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