Sony SCD-1 or BAT VK-D5 / D5SE

What do you think? Modifiable Sony SACD or well regarded BAT?

Primarily interested in CD, have BAT pre and amp.
Might as well stay in the BAT family, if you're happy with the sound of your preamp and amp. I have the VK-D5se and it sounds great on cd's. I also have a Sony DVP-S9000Es which fills my occasional HT/SACD need. IMHO, there still isn't enough SACD software out there to invest mega-grand into a SACD player. A modified SCD-1 may sound as good on cd's as the BAT, but you're talking a lot of money.
Jmcgrogan,Tireguy told me there are 1500 SACD release,
already, If you have been reading some of my post,
about My Sony 9000es modified signature ref,with tube
stage and dac upgrade,it will tell ,you how good it is,I
even mentioned that, when I heard the Trivista SACDcdp, that
I did not miss it ,I did spend $1700 for the mod,I think
it sounded like at least 5k,especially on SACD this unit
is unbeatble for the price,cdp under 5k,I heard the VKD5,
In my system hologarphic is missing in action,I will not
deny the VKD5 did sound good,but it is nowhere near my
sony mod, in SACD mode, there is no comparison,I could have
bought the BAT for less money,but I did not like the sound,
and the sonic attribute.I believe the risk that I took, and
trusting Dan, its all worth it.IMO
The only way SACD will succeed is to release the SACD or hybrid on the same day that the plain cd is released. There may be 1500 releases, but how many people want old Dylan or Rolling Stones that weren't that well recorded in the first place?
Get SCD-1, if necessary, upgrade it or add one DAC for CD sound. BAT is not cheap either. Many claims their CD sound better SCD-1 actually spend more money on CD player than a used SCD-1. It won't hurt you anything but add good stuff, if your CD player can also play better format, why care SACD is future or not? If you have money to buy a new BAT, why not buy a TEAC DV-50? sound pretty good on CD and SACD. You gain something more than CD only. They are in the same box, you don't need another box right. What's wrong if your player can play SACD? If you have room and $$ try LP too.
I have an SCD-1 that has the superclock II and transport mods. In blind testing about a dozen audiophiles in our local club preferred an unmodified SCD-1 to the Wadia 861 and several other expensive Cd players. The BAT was not in the group tested. All listeners preferred my SCD-1 to the unmodified unit. I paid about $2700 on Audiogon about 8 months for the modified unit and sold my ARC-CD2 because there was a no contest in musicality. It's beautiful to look at and an incredible bargain.