Sony SCD-XA5400ES-Best SACD for under $10,000

This Sony player supplanted my Ayre C5-XE 3, which I still have, months ago. I paid $6000 for the Ayre after determining that it was the best-sounding unit for under $10,000. The Sony blows it away!!!
A unit costing $1500 besting all others under $10,000? That is exactly what it does!
For reference, I am using Audio Research electronics and Vandersteen speakers and subwoofers (about $30,000); a similar system has repeatedly been lauded as "best of show" at CES, so we are NOT talking second-rate stuff here.
This Sony is the only SACD/Cd player I have EVER heard that puts a classical piano live in my living room; nothing I ever had before even comes close.
This unit is a small miracle. I would have gladly paid $8000 for it, but if they want to give the thing away for $1500, who am I to argue?
This unit is going to send the engineers at Audio Research, Luxman, Esoteric, and Ayre back to the drawing board; their current units at 4 to 5 times the price are not even close. Some engineer at Sony is a freaking genius!!!
Current audiogon ad by modwright stating it is their best digital offering. For price of a good interconnect they do a mod that is out of this workd good!

ModWright Sony XA-5400ES Truth Mods
Our best digital offering, period! Also the best and last CD/SACD player that Sony will produce! THIS AD IS FOR A MODIFICATION ONLY. CUSTOMER MUST SUPPLY SONY XA-5400ES PLAYER. 120V OR 220V PLAYERS MAY BOTH BE MODIFIED. Price: $1995 (modification only). Customer Feedback: "Big, open, spacious soundstage. Exceptional layering front to back with palpable images(I mean...
Hes back and currently selling on this site as rick_owens
Old thread but I listened to my Modwright 5400 this weekend. Compared to my Spiral Groove + Goldfinger Statement / AMG v12 + Benz LP-S into ARC Ref 2se....the Modwright held its own. Not as much detail as the Chord Hugo or the Goldfinger Statement, but very musical -- a twin sound sibling to the AMG v12 table with Benz LP-S cartridge. A hint of warmth, and very organic natural harmonics. The Modwright is still my favorite disc spinner.

How would you describe the differences between the two?