Sony SCD-XA5400ES owners question

I just purchased a Sony SCD-XA5400ES SACD/CD player. It replaces a Sony SCD-XA777ES unit. I want to ask any other owners out there about the round track control knob of the right side of the player. On my older Sony the control knob operates with very definite click detents in forward or reverse, but the 5400 knob feels very indistinct, with almost no click detent feel (especially advancing tracks), making manual track selection using the knob rather difficult at best. Do I have a defective control knob on my 5400, or do they all operate with a rather mushy feel?
Thanks any and all for your kind input.

BTW- the 5400 is an extraordinary CD and SACD player...if you are not an owner I give it my highest recommendation; do give one a listen if you have the chance!
Sure but do you mean dual differential throughout all the digital stages or just the analog ones? What features of balanced design are you looking for?

The technical white paper for the player says this about the balanced connection:

"The SCD-XA5400ES is designed so that all routes from input to output are completely balanced circuits." (p. 18)

This should indicate a fully balanced construction, right?

Where can I get a copy of the Sony SCD-xa5400es "white paper"?

Link or source?
I once emailed a copy of the PDF to someone who posted it on an audio forum. Try googling for it.

Does anybody know whether there is a replacable fuse in the Sony 5400ES? Is it worth replacing with one of the hi tec fuses? Can I get better sound?