Sony scd xa777es vs scd777es

Can anyone enlighten me as to the differences between these two units (other than their confusingly similar names)? Does either have balanced out? Which is considered to be the better unit? I see that one weighs almost twice as the other and is a top loader perhaps indicating better build quality. I am looking for a solid sony product as I have had good luck with my older es player.

Thanks to all
I own the XA777ES with Superclock III mod. I beleive the SCD777ES is the better sounding one, marginally, and the XA777ES is harder to modify, so some modders won't do it.

The SCD-777es does not have balanced outputs(xlr) only rca's the SCD-1 has both which is a primary difference between the two machines.

Rob321 is absolutely correct. A lot of mis-information floating in this thread..


What mis-information (a lot) are you pertaining to please enlighten us.