Sony service Gibson TV, Roseville MI. XA5400ES

Apparently Sony home electronics are no longer sent to Laredo, TX. I sent my Xa5400ES SACD player there to have the LCD. screen fixed. Well the screen has now gone out a 2nd time.

I called Sony & got told several things about who is now authorized to repair their products. I like the sound of my Sony a lot but, damn - this unreliability & uncertainty if I trust the repair place makes me want to switch to a brand with a better service track record.

I even thought about doing the mod squad upgrade, then asking them to fix he issue with the LCD.
Sony service at Laredo was always very poor.

The 5400 is a great player, and was discontinued several years ago, then brought back (and finally dropped last year) as they used up the leftover parts.

I like the 5400 and bought two spares, and a spare laser assembly, for future use. I plan ahead!

There may "NEVER" be a better under $2000 CD/SACD player IMO! I do not like OPPO players.

Sony now makes NO CD/SACD Players. They do still have Blu-Ray players that play CD's.

I suspect some parts will be, or are, obsolete, and unavailable.

CD/SACD players are mostly electro-mechanical, and do not last forever, they break, and some can not be repaired.

This is a problem with all CD/SACD brands, and will only get worse as downloads, and computer audio takes over!
"I even thought about doing the mod squad upgrade, then asking them to fix he issue with the LCD."

Mods will void your warranty.
Thanks! for sharing- guys.

Masi, you might want to contact Dan Wright whom also mods this spinner. Don C- do you know why Sony moved from TX to MI ?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
You know the phrase, 'They will be back', could be true. Also, there is a rumor that they plan to introduce a turntable in Japan. Hey, you never know.