Sooloos vs. Sonos

I would like to move my CD’s out of my living room and onto my hard drive. My desktop HP is in the same room as the stereo, but they are on opposite walls. I can’t wire them directly to each other, but they are both next to ethernet ports. Components are: B&W 804 speakers, Musical Fidelity integrated amp, Rega Planet CD player (to be replaced).

Several retailers I spoke to in NYC recommended Sooloos. I agree the interface is great, but I don’t want an extra monitor in my living room – would prefer to control use the PC to search, select and play. That said, recommendations boiled down to:

1) Sooloos Ensemble (hard drive unit) – input from ethernet port, output to integrated amp; control it from the PC; cost = $4500

2) Sonos Zone Player 90 – input from Ethernet port, output to DAC (Sim Audio 300D?); DAC into integrated amp; with Sonos Bridge connected to PC, ethernet; control all from PC; cost = $2050

I prefer #2 because of cost and its modular approach. I could also use the Sonos to run music to another room with a mini-system. Can I get the same quality, reliability as with the Sooloos? Also: do I need a re-clocker (Pace Car?) with the Sonos, as I’ve read on the forum?

Your help will be appreciated?
I can speak to option 2, and you're fine with FLAC there.

I went with Sonos for exactly the reasons you mention - that it's modular, expandable, and can be improved incrementally as I need to, in the zones where it matters.

In my main system, I'm using ethernet into a Cullen-modified (~$500) ZP90, into a Monarchy DIP (~$300), feeding a Cambridge DacMagic (<$500) before heading to a modest tube amp. Lossless files live on a RAID NAS so my computer doesn't need to be fired up all the time (nor is its HD jammed up with my music files).

Quality easily equals modest (~$2k) CDP's, and the convenience and freedom is simply impossible to imagine if you're still rummaging through CDs and their jewel cases. The music factor just goes through the roof - it's so much easier to explore your collection, to build playlists (or 'queues,' in Sonos parlance)'s just absolutely and definitively a superior way to interface with and enjoy music. You'll never look back.

The Sooloos might be great, too - others will have to weigh in there. Good luck and have fun!
Soundgasm, which RAID NAS are you using? Are you happy with its performance? Thanks.
It's a 2TB 'LaCie 2big Network 2' (what a loopy name) drive, and so far so good. No latency that I can detect, no performance issues with the array (knock wood), and a very simple plug-and-play installation. It's the best of the NAS devices I've used so far.