Sooloos vs. Sonos

I would like to move my CD’s out of my living room and onto my hard drive. My desktop HP is in the same room as the stereo, but they are on opposite walls. I can’t wire them directly to each other, but they are both next to ethernet ports. Components are: B&W 804 speakers, Musical Fidelity integrated amp, Rega Planet CD player (to be replaced).

Several retailers I spoke to in NYC recommended Sooloos. I agree the interface is great, but I don’t want an extra monitor in my living room – would prefer to control use the PC to search, select and play. That said, recommendations boiled down to:

1) Sooloos Ensemble (hard drive unit) – input from ethernet port, output to integrated amp; control it from the PC; cost = $4500

2) Sonos Zone Player 90 – input from Ethernet port, output to DAC (Sim Audio 300D?); DAC into integrated amp; with Sonos Bridge connected to PC, ethernet; control all from PC; cost = $2050

I prefer #2 because of cost and its modular approach. I could also use the Sonos to run music to another room with a mini-system. Can I get the same quality, reliability as with the Sooloos? Also: do I need a re-clocker (Pace Car?) with the Sonos, as I’ve read on the forum?

Your help will be appreciated?
Error alert: I meant to type that the Sonos is the only source I plan on using.
Thanks, this is very helpful. One other thought: It seems that Sonos and Squeezebox would work the same way in this configuration... any thoughts on which is better from a sound quality perspective?
I don't have any experience with the Squeezebox (other than fiddling with it for a grand total of maybe 15min), but anecdotally, I do have three SqB early-adopter friends who eventually abandoned SqB for Sonos systems. None of them did so for 'audiophile' reasons, though - they all migrated for the interface and overall ease of integration.
I would give the Sonos ZP-90 a thumbs up as well. I'm using their Bridge with a NAS drive and FLAC files. Really works very well. You may want to consider a DAC like the Benchmark DAC that has Jitter reduction built-in (Has its own reclocker). You can save the $550 on a ZP-90 mod.

I debated the Squeezebox and Sonos systems and ultimately went with the Squeezebox. I got a Transporter for the main system which let me incorporate a DSP into the system and has a really good DAC built in plus balanced outputs. I just installed a Touch in the BR. Very easy system to use and all my files (FLAC) are on a HP MSS in the office.

It's easy as pie to control the system with a PC, the UI built into the Transporter and Touch are very easy to use and the simple IR remotes provided work effectively. I plan to eventually get a smartphone and will use one of the apps that have been made to control the system. iPeng(?)for example. Also there's a very active users group and the software is constantly being improved.

I really like the Soolos but $$$$s