Sophia Baby and Primaluna Prologue One

Currently I have the Sophia Baby amplifier and I am very happy with it. It sounds sweet and smooth for jazz and classical music.

In the mean time, I saw many good reviews on the Primaluna Prologue One. I know the Primaluna has a lot more power and I am guessing that the Primaluna will have better bass. Maybe I am comparing apple to orange here, but does anyone compare the two amplifiers? If so, can you tell me the sonic difference between the two, especially for jazz, vocal jazz, and classical music?

I own both a Primaluna Prologue Two and the Sophia Baby. They sound very similar to me except that the Primaluna has MUCH more "impact" and a MUCH more powerful bass. The Primaluna's power rating gives it a LOT more headroom. The Baby's not quite broken in yet, and seems to be quite light in the bass. The build quality of the Primaluna is extraordinary. You get a LOT for the money. A VERY high quality piece of work.
I can only give you my experience with the Prologue One vs the Krell 300i I owned for many years. The PL has near as much bass as the Krell. Not the same slam but much more mid bass. The PL One is very natural and smooth in the mid range. A friend has the PL Two. It is more detailed and has a little more bass punch. The One is smoother.
Apples and oranges. Different power ratings, different curcuits, different configurations.

I have the Baby, and it is quite good, especially with a good power cord. However, it's just a power amp with one input and a volume control. The PrimaLuna has a preamp section onboard--you can even order it with a solid-state phono stage.

If you are shopping for an integrated (one "box"), then the PrimaLuna is your best bet. However, if you think that you might be adding a preamp later (or you just have one source anyway), the Baby might be worth a look if you have sensitive speakers (I'd say 92 db and up). It's also just so dang cute!