Sopra 2 Amp Recommendation

Hi all,
I've got the upgrade bug and I wanted to get some advice from the community. Right now I have a pair of sopra no2's, a JL Sub, and an Anthem STR Integrated. I love the Anthem room correction so I am looking to keep it as my pre-amp OR swap to the STR Pre-Amp.

My main question is what to get for a power amp? I've read some other threads and haven't come to any firm conclusions. Soundstage and punch tend to be the main things I look for. I'm hoping to stay with some of the brands that are well known and hold their value a bit better (Anthem, Pass, Macintosh, etc). I'll probably buy used and spend $6-10k. Anyone have suggestions? 

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I ran a BHK250 for a year and was happy with everything but the heat in the summer. I'm sure a pair of BHK300's would be a vast improvement. I'll be trying some class D with my Sopra 2's soon. 

Another great consideration...I recently heard the Atma-sphere Class D amps and was highly impressed with their effortless musical presentation.

Inhave bothe BHK250 and 300’s on mine. Both are great. Better with 300’s. I got mine for under 7k used. 

I had the sopra 2 and a JL 113v2 with the JL CR1 crossover. I ran them with a Pass 250.8 and a Pass XP10 pre amp. They sounded just ok to me and previously I’d had the Pass gear running Focal 1038 BE (which I preferred over the Sopra 2), Harbeth HLS5 S Super- which were excellent and a few other speakers. The Pass gear is neutral to warm or neutral to slightly dark I find. The Sopra 2 were always too etched for me, too recessed and too constrained, not sure what the issue was, the tweeters or mid range flatness) I could never get engaged with them- I sold them and moved onto Wilson Sabrina and then Sasha 2 which sound great with the Pass set up. I think the Sopra 2 are very tricky to mate with an amp and I never figured it out - I just know that all other speakers, including other Focal sounded great with the Pass and the Sopra 2 didn’t- they were uninvolving and not warm, musical or inviting.

The Pass preamp was your weak link...they are awful and pale in comparison to their amplifiers.