Sopra No 2's or other alternatives?

Have listened several times to Sopra 2's and while I do like them at times they come across a bit bright. Also bass was not as controlled as expected.  Don't know what was causing this but can this community give me other alternatives? They will be mated with SS gear for the time.


Save your ears; too much work to 'tame' the Focals; always seems to be as I've considered them bright as well, in general (not all).  Metal dome tweeters just are not as friendly to me; implementation can help (B&W 800s hurt too).

Good luck. Listen and consider; audition as much as you can.

Well, I used my Focal Sopra 2's with tube amps (Carver 350) and did not think the Sopra's to be bright at all.

You might want to consider not toeing them in too much if the tweeter is too much for you.



I have owned Sopra 2's for 3 years and have never found them to be bright at all, they sound natural to me, especially with voices.  I may be able to chalk that up to old age though, lol.  I am driving them with all PS Audio gear except for the streamer which is an Auralic at the moment, I have an Aurender N20 ordered which I hope to have in about a week.

My Borresen X-3’s for 11K are Spectacular! Once I heard them at a Show ,  I was hooked on that Danish sound.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the suggestions. I'll be going in a week to listen again to JA Perspectives2. I've heard them many months ago and enjoyed them I should have bought some demos that were on several sites.