Sorry, it’s not me, it’s you?

I’ve tried everything, but it didn’t work out.  My speakers suck.  Different cables, different music, different placement, it didn’t matter what I did.  When I replaced them with some old standbys(after burning in the new speakers for over 60 hours), the magic came back.

i just bought the speakers 2 weeks ago at the Black Friday sale, and I finally realized it was a big mistake.  So today I took them back, and frankly, I feel relieved.  
Has anyone else had this experience with speakers or components?  Maybe even after a couple of years?
Does anyone want to guess what exactly these speakers were?

I try first 

Martin logan
I think we've all "been there, done that"  at one time or another. I recently purchased some speakers for a 2 channel setup in my bedroom. I was seeking "near audiophile"  grade Polks because I did not want to make the financial commitment of the real thing.  Well, my "audiophile" ears quickly told me that was a mistake so...since I was beyond the return period I sold them off quickly. 
Yah, some people just can’t be critical to yourself. One day they published links with the pictures how their system components changed within last 16 years and now they tell us that they never made a mistake or not satisfied with their choice... lol
Several years ago I bought a turntable with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge, it was my 1st TT since the 80'S.  I was very happy with the sound, my best records sounded way better than anything digital, and the others sounded pretty sweet as well.  All the audio sites were raving about the Ortofon Black and Bronze cartridges.  Not being a high end turntable I figured the Bronze would be a good upgrade and stopping point for this TT as it could only sound better???... wrong.  The Bronze sounded tinny, harsh, and irritating.  I tried various capacitance settings, cables, pre-amps, rake angles, etc, but was never happy with the sound. One day (possibly on this site), I read about someone with the same issues, he swapped his bronze stylus with his blue and was raving about how all the warmth came back to his albums.  I unboxed my Blue, swapped needles,  and haven't looked back since.   In fairness to the Bronze it may sound better on a higher end TT.  Sometimes and upgrade isn't always an upgrade. It was a $400 dollar lesson, If you like the sound stick with it.