Sorry,need info on Dunlavy again Aletha vs SC-IV

I am sorry to bring this Dunlavy topic again, but I really could not find any other usefull info other than from you people at audiogon (thanks so much).
My plan to get the SC-IVs become a problem as I only have a small room of 10' x 10'. However, as I really want to get a Dunlavy stuffs, now I am considering to get the Aletha instead (smaller dimension than the Sc-IVs). Is the Alethas share the similar superiority as the SC-IVs in term of soundstaging, resolution, etc? Will the Alethas still to big for my room? For the same price of $2400, will the Alethas more worth it to buy than the Sc-IV?
I understand that there are many choices of great speakers in the range of $2500 as you guys recommended (Vandys, Thiel, VR, Duntech, etc). But, it's very unfortunate for me to live in Indonesia that have a very limited choices of used speakers. My choices right now are only the SC-IV and the Alethas, besides the Vandy 2ce ($850) which I am consider too old (the sig version has been sold). I may get another choices, but I am not sure how long again I have to wait....
Once again, my system:
Krell KSA250
Krell KSP-7B
AudioNote DAC2
Jadis JD-3 CD
Cardas Quadlink speaker cables
Nordost Blue Heaven interconnects
Thank you so much in advance for any inputs.

I demo-ed the Aletha vs IVa, a little different.

Go for the IVs they are a true 3 way vs the Aletha which is more of a 2 way with sub, better midrange on the IVs.

Neither model will work satifactorily in your room. As a former SC-IV owner I can attest to the minimum 8' listening distance John Dunlavy specified for these speakers. I was in an 11'x18' space that was at least 4' too narrow- even withy a ton of room treatment. Both of these speakers need to be at least a couple feet off the wall behind them and away from the corners. Even with your listening chair pinned to the back wall you'd be 6' away from the drivers. Not good. the big Dunlavy's first order crossovers and large driver arrays don't make them great nearfield speakers.

Try some floorstanding or stand mounted monitors. The Merlin VSM-Ms if you are feeling flush or a pair of Totem Mani-2s for a little more affordable option. Both will make as much tight, tunefull bass as that room size will support providing a good amp is used.

Happy Trails!
second the claim of "the minimum 8' listening distance" .
Also important is the minimum 8' seperation between 2 speakers. The sc-ivs have very big image, probably due to accurate freq response, so 10' + separation and 10'+ listening distance is recommended !