SOTA cosmos turntables

I am looking at the SOTA cosmos turntable. Has anyone compared it to a Brinkmann balance, SME, AVID, etc. ?
Ive owned most of the Sota line and currently have a cosmos iv. I have directly compared it to many of the best out there with the same arm and cartridge and am convinced you'd have to go way up the food chain to best it. Look at the features, a jeweled bearing, advanced suspension, super stable and accurate motor with supply and a flawless vacuum. I was very happy with my nova but the cosmos is really an amazing upgrade and as Sirspeedy has pointed out that even at full retail its an amazing bargain. There are many great tables out there that you would be very happy with but if you poll most Sota (particularly cosmos) owners youll find they've become converts for life.
> How high would you have to go to better the performance of the cosmos?

An unanswerable question, one calling for an informed and critical opinion of one who has not only heard the Cosmos at length but who has extensive experience with, say, Rockports, Caliburns, TW Acustic, etc., etc. I would speculate that those folks are few and far between - and then there's the issue of listening biases to take into account.

I'll stick my neck out and say this. I think that it's unlikely that my Cosmos - with Triplanar arm and (currently) ZYX Universe - is unlikely to suffer in any comparison that could be devised. I have no doubt that better exists, but how much better? I personally feel that I'm at the cliched 'law of diminishing returns'. Of course, others will argue that this point occurs with the (excellent) Rega P5, for example...or does not occur until you hit Walker territory.
Dear Bobby: All those TTs you named are very good along the Sota that I like it if for no other thing because its vacuum hold down LP system that IMHO makes a whole difference for the better.

Anyway you can't go wrong with either, where you have to take more care is that the tonearm will be a good match to your cartridge(s) and the Phonolinepreamp that too can makes a difference to achieve top quality analog performance.

regards and enjoy the music.
Also, you may think that Sota owners seem a little cultish about their tables, and you would be correct!

Of course its with good reason.