SOTA Millennia - Comments?

I have enjoyed three different SOTA tables over the years and now have the newest Nova w/ vac. Does anyone have experience with the SOTA Millennia? I'm considering another upgrade below $10K and have grown loyal to the brand.
No,just observational truth.I'm a happy camper,these days-:)

Btw,I'm really happy for you.You've settled on very nice stuff.Be happy,and enjoy "music".

Sirspeedy is speaking of TW Acustic. The Raven One, which I have heard head to head with my Cosmos, is better than he implies, but the Cosmos is still the superior 'table all around. In my opinion, of course.
With apology to the OP as i've no prior experience with SOTA and there's no local importer here until a few weeks ago.

To Sirspeedy,

I have no problem with Cosmos being a better deck to your ears but i take offence with your commment which implies that those who've chosen the imported turntables with a different approach to vinyl playback (ie.non vac clamping and non suspended) as being "jaded" and "clueless".