Sota/Shelter 501mkII - Tonearm Suggestions?

I have a Sota Star/Sapphire table with a Shelter 501mkII cartridge. The tonearm is a Sumiko FT-3. I have about $1500 that I can spend on a new tonearm, and I don't mind buying used.

Of course, I would like the tonearm to sound great, but I would also like something that has a reasonably easy VTA setup.

Can you recommend a tonearm that will match up well with the Sota table and the Shelter 501mkII, that is in my price range?

My other associated equipment is:
XLO Reference Phono Cable
Musical Fidelity XPS-3 Phono Stage
B&W 802D Speakers
Classe CA-M400 MonoblocK amps
stay away from the Rega RB300 versions as the "lower compliance" (short stiff cantilever) of the Shelter 501 will wag the Rega arms. I owned one and there is a review on the Shelter describing the keep that in mind if you want to get the best out of your cart..

easy VTA that narrows it down to more expensive arms..
Thanks for the comments so far. I appreciate the input.

Which do folks think are better, a SME 309, or an Origin Live Encounter?

My cartridge is the Shelter 501mkII, with a compliance of 9cu. It looks like I need an arm with an effective mass of 12g or more?

The 309 is a great fit with the sota and works nicely with the shelter also.