SOtM player?

I just received a sMS-200 Neo.
Does anyone have any SOtM streamers that can be controlled (played) by an Android app?
Any recommendations?
I'm not interested in wasting my life waiting for eunhasu/LMS to possibly work.
No support from Korea.
Lovely sound from a wonderful piece of kit. If only it would connect and stay connected. I am throroughly fed up with trying to get a connection to just be able to play music and not waste my free time faffing about trying to boot up the bloody thing on continual basis. May from SOtM is good at replying though.You could get Audirvana and use the SOtM as a DLNA. 

The way I set it up is like this: Audirvana and my music collection are running on a PC, this PC is connected to a Switch., that is connected to my home network. The sMS200 is connected to the same Switch and via USB to my DAC. In Eunhasu I activate DLNA and in Audirvana I select the sMS as playback device. After that I can control Audirvana either directly on the PC or use the free APP.

First off I ain’t paying for A varna when foobar is free. As far as the SOtM it took about an hour to get it to play 5 minutes then disconnect. I got a prepaid label and sent it back.
Better than the ultraRendu I tried next. Hours spent for no play at all. The only one that even tried to help at SGC was the sales lady.
I’m trying Metrum and Pro-Ject next.
Told that they both work with Qobuz/Tidal.
Phone control only.
I use Jriver on a pc and the sms-200 ultra as a dlna device.  Then I use Jremote as the remote app.  I have this working for 5 years now.  It's pretty bullet proof until iOS has an update.  Might be the same issue with android.  I play on any iPad, IPhone.