SOtM player?

I just received a sMS-200 Neo.
Does anyone have any SOtM streamers that can be controlled (played) by an Android app?
Any recommendations?
I'm not interested in wasting my life waiting for eunhasu/LMS to possibly work.
No support from Korea.
I don’t understand what the pc is for.
A streamer should work fine without a second computer. I have 4 that do.

He’s using JRiver Media Center (for 5 years) is why he’s got the PC. 
I use foobar2000 in the pc. Controllable via the remote. That’s how I listened for years wired to the whole house.
Of course SQ is myrads better without the long runs of cheap coax and the"Janelle Monae" shit box for source.
I play viaJet Audio on Android and (of course) on the Cowon PMP’s.
If a streamer cannot play without a PC it is useless to me. To what end is this even desirable?
Especially when, as gawdbless codifies, it constantly drops out.
No wires for me... ;-)

Whats the remote, just out of curiosity. Never tried it with my phone...
I use foobar from my windows laptop wireless to any airplay device in my house. Never really have any problems...I sent Qobuz an email encouraging them to make a component for FB, they said they get many requests for this and are looking into it.