SOtM player?

I got a sMS-200 Neo Monday. I spent all day yesterday getting it to play anything,
NO help from May in Korea.
She was just great. I told her what I had tried already and she suggested trying it.
Can anyone recommend a non subscription Android player that works with SOtM?
They're app is stupid.
I already use Orange Squeeze on my Mano.
I desire an exclusive player.
LMS takes a minute to access everytime.
sonos used for digital out is ok depending on your dac's ability to clean a jittery signal

or a w4s reclocker for $300 solves the problem, gives 96k output (first mqa unfold) a very clean nice sounding bit stream
Big deal.
I ask for help and get nothing but snarks.
Bottom line is none of you brainiacs could make it work here.
Either it was broken or their company support was defective because they couldn't do it either. I did find out from a dealer that it IS indeed slower than a cheap Raspberry Pi.
You can have it. Too slow for me.

After reading some of your posts/replies etc, is it so hard to be chill?  No offence meant.
SOtM plays Roon. Nothing else worked. Their support couldn't get it to work. Either it was broken or they are. I just got a Pro-Ject S2 Ultra Streamer today. Everything works, sounds great. As a bonus I was surprised it has 16Gb onboard and a ripping program that works with portable drives I already have.
Roon ready, Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon& Spotify. Front and rear USB-A's that it auto indexes. I already have a Pro-Ject Power Box 4, stepped it down to 18.00 v.
Excellent stuff.