Soulution 511 vs. Luxman m900

looking a two amp options similar power rating. Soulution 511 vs. Luxman m900. Any thoughts, experiences?

No experience myself, but you might consider these comments by someone who's words I trust (Viber7).

Soulution 511 + 520 -- This is an exquisite pairing and is both very transparent and very resolving although not quite to the level of the Element 118. This combo is a touch warm relative to the Element 118. No amp was as fast as the Element 118 although I would not consider the Soulution slow by any means. In fact, directly compared against anything from Pass Labs and a Luxman M-900u, I found the Soulution (both a 711 and 501) to easily outpace those amps.

Ive been told by a couple of people that have tried both that the Soulution sounds "Sterile" as compared to the Luxman.  Guess you need to hear for yourself.
There is one way to know: try for yourself. When you post something like this, comparing two brands / amps, the fan boys will certainly jump in and "pump" their baby, like the award collector on facebook here, a definite Luxman fan boy to say the least