Sound. Isn’t sound the quest? The ultimate goal? The bottom line? The reason or the basis for spending more money? The reason you are never satisfied? The rationale behind labeling yourself an Audiophile? Why I have to own six different Headphones? Does the obsession get in the way of common sense when it comes to an equalizer like the Schitt Loki and now the new Lokias?


I mean, I have what others have in Klipsch Forte… they are the first generation… they sound great. Some say Klipsch SOUND “tinny”, horny, or harsh. But hey, when I turned my Loki equalizer knobs back-left, down from neutral as I saw in a YouTube video, and played the “fine tune guy” for some differing musical genders, I can make my Forte I sound like a Forte IV, a JBL L100, Focal, etc. And add to that my SVS micro 5000 sub,  my Cary Rocket 88 tube amp, and the DAC in my  Bluesound Node…I mean, if that Loki equalizer working off “WHAT I HEAR” isn’t good enough… what sounds good to my own ears… why not use one? I find that would end discussions, (for some, arguments), about sound… Simply because tweeking KNOBS are not graphs, they are your EARS! They are your sound, according to your acoustics, and what SOUNDS GOOD to you… I mean, is it pride? Isn’t it true that “Ego is not your Amigo” when it comes to folks arguing about Sound? The book “ Get Better Sound”, (which I have)? Shouldn’t we be talking about “ Tweek to Better Sound”?

What do you think?





I bought the Loki for my 2nd system, out of curiosity mostly… Since I have a few recordings that sound muddy in some places. With a twist or two of the knobs.. it really does “fix” some of the recording downfalls..  making for a more pleasing listen. Yet I’m hesitant to place the Loki in my main system as I feel it is a bottleneck in overall SQ. My main rig is very minimalistic and I want to keep it that way.. 

It's not even so much just about solely the sound but overall connecting to and enjoying the music - that is so much of the experience to me.  Over the past couple of years I've cobbled together a 2nd system with mainly used gear that I deliberately wanted to sound different than my main system for some variety.  It includes a Leben CS-300xs driving a pair of Forte III's, a Node2 running through a Benchmark DAC3, and VN Thorens TD-160 Super (using a Tavish Classic and Rothwell MCX SUT + Hana SL). The entire setup cost me much less than just the DeVore speakers in my main system.  I love the 2nd system so much! It is just fun and lets me really jam out and immerse myself in musical joy.  It isn't until I immediately A/B the system against my main system do I even realize there is actually a massive sound quality difference between the two.

If I didn't have my main system I'd be happy as a clam just enjoying my 2nd system and not wishing for more sound quality.  Music and gear can be really fun without breaking the bank but make no mistake, you can get substantially better sound by spending more.  That doesn't necessarily mean you will have more fun with your listening experiences.


Fortunately the audio journey isn’t all ego. I’m old and speaking from experience, I agree with what you said to a point. Yet decades later, I only care about the music and not being competitive or owning a trophy system.