Sound Anchor Stands

Are these all custom? I'm a bit confused by what I've seen so far on websites-- no "standard" sizes,or even dimensions -- models are simply identified as suitable for one particular speaker or another.  

Is Acoustic Sounds the only online dealer for S. Anchor home audio products? 




Here’s a pick from A-Mart of custom SA stands with your speakers (if you still have the 17.5’s).

Interesting Library Lion/Dog look to the combo (wide leg stance and a huge top plate).

This said I’ve used HR’s (still have them in storage) and they are good stands.

From one well aged back to another if I were to ever purchase new stands the spikes would have to be adjustable from the top of the bottom plate (not the bottom).





Thanks so much for the info!


Interesting. Those seem really long/deep --not likely to pass the WAF test!  

Am actually thinking in terms of next speakers as the 17.5's are over 15 years old at this point.  

There is a bit of a utilitarian look to the Sound Anchor stands so do understand the WAF to be in question.