Sound and quality of Legacy Speakers

Hello music lovers. I am researching my next speaker choice and here is where I am now. I am running a mcintosh MA7900, 200 watts per and a Node 2i and SVS Ultra towers and SB 13 Subs. Ok, I am enjoying my Ultras but the highs are not satisfying at higher volume, the mids and lows are good. I listen to blues rock at high volume and I love bass and slam. I also love Jazz at medium volume and I am seeking clean mids and crisp realistic highs. I was thinking of preowned Wilson’s Sophia’s until I saw the weight, I am 68 and my audio room is in my basement. I am seeking speakers at 100 lbs or less each. I am now looking at Legacy Signature SE, reviews are good and the used price are really low. I have not yet hear a pair, I see opinions. I am open to suggestions on other speakers.Thank you.
Vandersteen Treos Cts great sounding speakers and only 80lbs

Enjoy the Music 
Get the wilson and have a couple of friends over to move them. You could hire a moving company cheap for a quick hour too. The Sophia’s are exactly what you want. highs could be better on the Sophia but will be on  another level from the SVS. I have never heard legacy so they might work too. 
The SVS ultras are a well designed speaker but the crossover is if full of total junk parts. GR-research makes a crossover upgrade “kit” for them. Might be worth looking into.
Since you have the subs, and don't mind using them for 2 channel it opens up a host of options.

But, I too listen loud and like blues rock.

I have Salk SS12's, but those are not available anymore.  If you could score some SS8's, 10's, or 12's used... you might dig them.  

Or, the Salk SS 9.5's or Song 3 encore.  

With the SS8's, you will want the subs I suspect.  The SS10's and 12's.. no real need for subs unless you want.  (but tough speaker to find used)

Legacy is also a great option. IMO they do rock really well.  If you dig the Signatures, I would say go for it.  

JBL 3900's, 4700's, or the 4367, good options.

Wilsons, also do what you listen to well.  I personally do not like the focal tweeter versions, but the newer wilsons with the soft-domes are quite nice.