Sound and quality of Legacy Speakers

Hello music lovers. I am researching my next speaker choice and here is where I am now. I am running a mcintosh MA7900, 200 watts per and a Node 2i and SVS Ultra towers and SB 13 Subs. Ok, I am enjoying my Ultras but the highs are not satisfying at higher volume, the mids and lows are good. I listen to blues rock at high volume and I love bass and slam. I also love Jazz at medium volume and I am seeking clean mids and crisp realistic highs. I was thinking of preowned Wilson’s Sophia’s until I saw the weight, I am 68 and my audio room is in my basement. I am seeking speakers at 100 lbs or less each. I am now looking at Legacy Signature SE, reviews are good and the used price are really low. I have not yet hear a pair, I see opinions. I am open to suggestions on other speakers.Thank you.
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I had an over 25 year old pair of the original Legacy Focus speakers purchased when they were named Reel To Reel. They served me well over the years paired with old PS Audio 250 Delta mono's. I have recently
upgraded to a pair of Aeris paired with Pass Labs x-160.8 mono's. I found both sets of speakers to be well built but can tell that Legacy has upped their game a bit as far as build. The Aeris aren't much heavier than the Focus but are a large step up in sound. I have found the Wavelet room correction to be amazing. I recommend Legacy with no reservations.
Vinyl,  are these being offered with new speaker warranty, or am I misreading the listing?  
I listened extensively to the various Legacy speakers at Audio Classics powered by a 200wpc McIntosh amp.  I love their house sound and as you move up the line you get more refinement.  There were no bass issues on any of the models I heard.  If I hadn’t bought the GE Triton Refs, I would have definitely gone with Legacy. 
Both the larger Legacy and ATC speakers can do structural damage. Certainly blow out your eardrums before they are even close to distorting. I'm an old rocker so nothing else will do in my home.

Interesting on the ATC's.  That is still a fairly substantial speaker.  I liked the 50's at a show, but would likely want a little more low end punch... thinking the 100's would do it.

But those ATC actives are so fast and tight, I have wondered if they can actually "thump" and move a bit more air.  

I know the Focus can move a ton of air.
BTW, I used these Focus XD speakers in bi-amp mode using the Wavelet active EQ and room correction with either Coda (SS) or Manley (tube) amplification for the mids and highs.

With that said, they sound remarkably good full range with the internal amps and crossover. When you consider the cost of high quality external mono block amps, the Focus XD offers tremendous value even at full retail.
Thank you. They turned out to be a little too large for my room. I also have an active pair of ATC SCM100ASLT speakers ($38k) which are perfect for that room. With the Wavelet and room correction engaged, the Focus XDs are superior in some ways. For me, in that room, the Signature SE would be the better speaker. I think Legacy should offer them in an XD (active) version but the Focus is their least expensive tower speaker with the active option.

Those are pretty nice speakers.  Actually curious as to why you are selling them.  If I didn't have my Salks, I would be taking a hard look at those.  

Truthfully, a fully active speaker makes a lot of sense to me.  (I know those have all sorts of options).  
Since you have the subs, and don't mind using them for 2 channel it opens up a host of options.

But, I too listen loud and like blues rock.

I have Salk SS12's, but those are not available anymore.  If you could score some SS8's, 10's, or 12's used... you might dig them.  

Or, the Salk SS 9.5's or Song 3 encore.  

With the SS8's, you will want the subs I suspect.  The SS10's and 12's.. no real need for subs unless you want.  (but tough speaker to find used)

Legacy is also a great option. IMO they do rock really well.  If you dig the Signatures, I would say go for it.  

JBL 3900's, 4700's, or the 4367, good options.

Wilsons, also do what you listen to well.  I personally do not like the focal tweeter versions, but the newer wilsons with the soft-domes are quite nice.

Get the wilson and have a couple of friends over to move them. You could hire a moving company cheap for a quick hour too. The Sophia’s are exactly what you want. highs could be better on the Sophia but will be on  another level from the SVS. I have never heard legacy so they might work too. 
The SVS ultras are a well designed speaker but the crossover is if full of total junk parts. GR-research makes a crossover upgrade “kit” for them. Might be worth looking into.
Vandersteen Treos Cts great sounding speakers and only 80lbs

Enjoy the Music 
You might try a highly efficient speaker design  in the 92db range or higher with a horn tweeter. there are many options out there.

Good Luck & enjoy the Music