Sound bar turns off every 25 minutes but why?

I got a lg sound bar, lg TV and oppo 103 blu ray player. When I hook the sound bar up to the optical on TV it works fine but when I hook sound bar up to the optical on the blu ray player it turns it self off every 25 minutes. Same content being watched both ways, same settings only difference is where optical cable is plugged in. Any one know why my sound bar cuts out every 25 minutes one way but works fine another way.
I've read something like what you're experiencing when reading reviews at Amazon when considering which sound bar to get. If I remember correctly, it happens more than anyone wants to admit and exchanging it for another one seemed to do the trick.

Good luck with this.

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Could an auto off feature be doing this. To rule it out check the settings. As long as it receives a signal auto off should not be in play but you never know.
How are you connecting the Video from the Oppo to the TV?
Component of HDMI? If HDMI it could be that the Oppo is actually doing the shutting down of the audio, since it sees that HDMI in use, have you checked you Audio output settings in the Oppo?