Sound difference between SET & SEP

Can anyone describe the differences between these two topologies ? I have read that SEP is supposed to be a high power version of SET . Does the circuit change affect the sound ? If so how ?

Thank You
Hi...I apologize for asking this..but what is SET and SEP?

I've red about them both, but don't know what they mean.

Thank you in advance.

Single Ended Triode )45, 2A3, 300b type tubes, among many others)
Single Ended Pentode (EL84, EL34, KT88 type tubes, among many others)
Same topology = SE.
Different type of tube = T or P.

SEP = more power? Yes and No. Depends on the tube. A SEP using an el84 will have less power than SET using a 300b.

Each tube (T or P) will have it's own flavor.
Different brands of the same tube will have their own tone. Same type of amp but from different manufacturers will have its own sound due to power supplies, transformers, etc.

I like the SE approach with a 300b triode being my favorite but I have preferred a couple of PP amps using el34's and el84's to a SE amp using a KT88. My current "work in progress" is a PP 300b, theory being, I get the 300b triode tone but more power for speakers that could benefit from it. So far, so good.