Sound Hi Fi Technics Jelco/SME arm upgrades

I'm wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to put in the Sound Hi Fi arm plate and either the SME or Jelco tonearm. After looking around for a new turntable for the last two months and spending more time with my 1200, I'm thinking about taking the 1200 to the next level (thanks Johnny for a little perspective).

I'm starting from a KAB modded turntable with the external RCA plate.

I'd also like to hear feedback on external PSUs for the 1200.

Dear Tim: It is very hard to me wonder why any one can take all those " annoyances " trying to build/improve that Technics TT in any way when any one of you can buy a lot lot better ( for almost the same price. ) TT/tonearm like these ones by Technics:

I can be wrong but IMHO does not make sense.

Regards and enjoy the music,
I've had some experience with Jelco arms and their derivatives over the years, but not on my Technics. I suspect that, while the stock Technics arm is good enough, even the entry-level Jelcos are probably superior. I've just been so satisfied with the performance of the stock arm and Denon DL-103 that I've been too lazy to do the surgery.

I hope JohnnyB can update us on the result of his SME swap.
I have been living with my SME 309 and external power supply for the last two months, and I am unbelievably happy. It took me a little time and a little help from some friends to get all of it 'right', but that was a lot easier than I feared.

Setup: The instructions from Sound HiFi are great. I will say that you need to read them pretty carefully (something I did not do on the first day). Following them carefully leads to very simple steps and a pretty painless set of mods.

Sound: I did both the 309 and the external power supply at the same time so I can't isolate the impact of each. I will say that the level clarity in the midrange that I have read Johnnyb53 speak to with simple insulation of the stock tonearm came through in spades. The midrange is astounding. The second biggest impact of the change to me was a lack of noise that was almost surprising. I did not previously have any power supply tweaks or any insulation on the tonearm so I cannot ascribe that to a single mod, but the whole set up is noticeably quieter.

The intangible: The new set up seems to have the weight or kick that I was looking for. The soundstage grew in depth, and the whole setup has a stability that is impressive (a characteristic of the 1200 already, I know). As some know, I was trying to find a new TT in the $3-5000 range. I ended up investing $1700 or so in the 1200 and am VERY happy.

Let me know if you have any questions.