Sound Lab vs Magnepan 20.7

I owned Sound Labs back about 2005. I loved them: enter divorce... not related.
Now a decade later remembering those monsters I'm wondering how they compare with the Maggie 20.7. I realize the technical differences, but still am aware of their relative strengths. Just wondering if one of our more articulate brethren on here can sum up the differences and who wins?
Clio, Modjeski is very familiar with the 57's, and makes custom amps. Give him a call (he's up in Oakland/Berkeley now, not Santa Barbara), and see what he says about making you a direct-drive OTL for your 57's. Then let us know what he says---I have a pair of 57's too!
I used to live in Santa Barbara and visited with Roger back then. I was with him and Kavi Alexander once listening to an early version of his ESLs powered by an RM-200. I am now moving to the Bay Area and will definitely look him up. From what he mentioned to me the RM-10 which is one of two amps of his that I have was designed with the 57s in mind.

Quite frankly I am entirely pleased with the Atma-Sphere M-60s powering both of my speakers. The direct drive idea was more out of curiosity. I am sure Roger will satisfy that curiosity.
I've gone back and forth a lot on this. I am pretty much decided on the Magnepans. Reason. Money. I'm sure they're not as good on the overall, but at way more than twice the price...
Hope I don't regret it.
Tune in next week, I may be seduced by the 'Dark Side'.
The dark side would that be David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright playing in your living room on 20.7s?