Sound Quality of Direct TV audio

I recently put a 1/3 octave spectrum analyzer on my Direct TV audio outputs and was shocked to find that they are brick wall filtering all low frequencies below about 150 Hz. Not a gentle roll off mind you, everything from 150 Hz down is gone.

I thought they were supposed to be delivery "high quality" audio. Anyone else discover this or am I getting something unusual?
I am such a dummy!

I forgot my Outlaw Audio receiver has a usb input but I ran a cable from my Genie unit to the receiver and no sound!

I checked all the obvious things...

any ideas to help me?

Curious how it would measure using high definition direct tv receiver and the HDTV service upgrade?
I had a similar problem with my Sony Blu-Ray player. Please review the Menu>Settings & Settings>Audio>"options" for your Genie unit. Look for something that says PCM output. If this does not work, please call Genie and ask them.
thanks Hgeifman I will look for the PCM

Dbphd the Outlaw unit does not support HDMI